Shootings and Television Violence

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Today a gunman, upset about his mother's health condition, wounded a doctor then killed his mother and himself. The shootings took place at Johns Hopkins hospital. (The news story can be found here.) As soon as I heard that the shooter targeted the doctor because of his mother's health condition, I immediately thought of the gruesome [...]

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Gold medalist Alex Bilodeau and his brother

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Alex Bilodeau earned the first Canadian gold medal in a home Olympic games. Alex's older brother, Frederic, has cerebral palsy. Alex played hockey when he was young, but switched to skiing so Frederic could also participate. From the article: "My brother is my inspiration," Alex said that night on TV, tears welling. "He taught me so [...]

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The Medical Information Bureau

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The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) is a national clearinghouse that keeps track of everyone's health insurance claims. They state that they use this information to prevent insurance fraud. Every time you file a health insurance claim, it goes into this database. This information can affect your chances of getting life, health, or disability insurance in the [...]

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Violence is NOT a symptom of ADHD

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In an article written about the Omaha shootings, the reporter made a point to mention that the shooter had been diagnosed with ADHD. Violent behavior is NOT a symptom of ADHD. In addition, the shootings were not the result of impulsivity, due to the fact that the shootings were pre-meditated.

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