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Stephanie Sarkis Author, Counselor, and ADHD Expert

French Kids Do Have ADHD: An Interview with Elias Sarkis MD

Moliere described ADHD in his play L’Étourdi ou Les Contretemps (The Blunderer) in 1655. However, the concept of ADHD as a serious disorder is still not fully accepted in France. However, ADHD impacts the functioning of 3.5% of the population of France (Lecendreux, et al. 2011). In addition, ADHD is just as prevalent in other […]

Healthy Eating: What I Learned in France

When I was in France, I noticed some food habits that really changed my perception “healthy eating”. (Note: Yes, I know not all people in France may have these food habits. C’est la vie.) 1. People did not deprive themselves of the foods they loved…they just ate smaller portions of those foods. When we deprive […]

Things I’ve learned about traveling…

I’ve learned this stuff from personal experience, observation, and from report. I’ll let you guess which are which. 🙂 1. In Aruba, you are allowed to carry a lighter on the plane, but not scissors. This makes total sense. 2. What you are allowed to take in your carry-on differs from airport to airport. See […]

My video on the “Bathroom Incident”

Here’s a video on what happens when you visit your friends in France and get trapped in the bathroom. With a camera. For those of you who can’t see the video on this post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLGksNgl7m0