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Coaching Services


Coaching can help you become more organized, create goals, and have a happier, more efficient, and productive life. I help you find steps to reach your potential at work and at home in sessions either in person, via video teleconferencing, or by phone.

If you feel that overall things are going pretty well and you just need help with setting goals, priorities, and getting organized, coaching might be a good option for you.  In coaching, the focus is on the present and future – instead of the past.  You may find that although you are performing pretty well at work, there is still room for improvement.  You may also find that you have difficulty figuring out which tasks to start first.

With coaching, you meet with m in person, on the phone, or with videoconferencing (like Skype, for example).  Meeting over the phone or internet has the added benefit of taking less time out of your schedule.  And that’s exactly why you are doing coaching to begin with – learning how to prioritize and practice good time management.

Medical insurance does not cover coaching, so fees are paid at the time of service.  You can purchase one hour or half-hour at a time – many clients also purchase a block of time, let’s say 4 or 5 hours, at once.  This means a lower per hour rate, and less time fiddling with the payment part of things.

Coaching may help you reach your potential at work and in your relationships.

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