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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a way to be the best parents you can be after a divorce. Co-parents working together effectively for the wellbeing of their children is best thing for everyone involved. I am a facilitator for collaborative cases. This means that I help the collaborative team (you, your spouse, your attorneys, and a financial professional) move forward and work together in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Collaborative law is changing the way people get divorced.  In the movie Kramer vs. Kramer, you saw an example of a couple fighting over custody of their child, with attorneys cross-examining the witnesses – in this case, the witnesses being the mother and father of the child.  This is called litigation.  Litigation is costly – in time, money, and emotional strain.  If you’re going through a divorce, wouldn’t you like a more cooperative, healthier way to go through a big life change?  This is where collaborative law comes in.

In a collaborative law setting, you, your spouse, each of your attorneys, a financial professional and a mental health professional called a facilitator (that’s my role) work together as a team.  A goal-oriented team approach helps you get through a life-changing event with the least amount stress of stress possible – for the wellbeing of you, your spouse, and your children.  Parents that divorce through the collaborative law process find that they co-parent more effectively, and have resolved past hurts in order to work together for the happiness of their children.  This in turn can help children have healthier marriages themselves.

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