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Counseling Services


Counseling is a way to talk with a neutral person about your concerns.  A “neutral person” means that I don’t take one side or another – I listen without judgment.  Talking to a counselor, like myself, can be especially helpful when you find that friends or family take sides when you talk to them about your concerns.

I see people for counseling either individually or in couples.  I see children, teenagers, and adults.  I believe that parents are an essential part of a child’s counseling visits.  I also help parents become more effective, consistent, and happy.  Parenting a child with special needs can create a great deal of stress, so I work with parents on practicing good self-care too.

Many couples have issues with communicating and feeling understood by their partner.  Couples counseling can help these issues get resolved, or you can find a way to “agree to disagree” and still have a happy relationship.

Usually counselors help you by using a blend of different counseling approaches.  The following are the counseling approaches I use most often:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

In research, CBT has been found to be effective in helping reduce ADHD, depression, and anxiety symptoms.  Cognitive means how you think.  Behavioral means what you do.  In CBT, you learn about faulty cognitions and your self-talk.  What you tell yourself makes a big difference in your mood and your brain chemicals.  Learn how to gain greater control over your thoughts and emotions, through techniques like thought-stopping and an anxiety hierarchy.

Solution-Focused Counseling 

In Solution-Focused Counseling, instead of focusing on what is wrong, we focus on what is going well.  What you focus on grows – and when you incorporate more good things in your life, the less room there is for the not-so-good things.  When things get tough, it can be difficult to remember what is going well.  Solution-focused counseling helps you discover what you are good at and what helps you have a happy and meaningful life.

Adlerian Therapy

Adlerian Therapy focuses on, in part, the goal of having a meaningful life.  Social connectedness and feeling part of a community, even within one’s own family, is essential to wellbeing.  One of the tenets of Adlerian Therapy is that everything works in a system – everyone in a family, or each person in a couple, influences each other.  Adlerian Therapy gives you encouragement to be the best self you can be.

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