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Family and Civil Mediation

In many states, courts require you to attend mediation first, before going in front of a judge. I provide mediation, or act as a guide, through the decision-making process. I am a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and Circuit Civil Court Mediator.  I specialize in cases involving ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, children with special needs, and cases involving family businesses.

In some states, you are required to go through mediation before you take a case to court.  This applies to family law cases (divorce, paternity) and civil cases (including foreclosures, product liability, and personal injury).  Mediation is a way to help resolve your own disputes without having a judge decide it for you.  In mediation, you have self-determination – an ability to make your own choices – something that is taken away from you when you go to litigation in front of a judge.  Whatever a judge says goes – wouldn’t you want an opportunity to come up with a solution on your own terms?

A mediator (like myself) is your guide through the decision-making process.  We do not give legal advice – we are your referee, your monitor, and your encourager.  You make the decisions.

I am a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family and Circuit Civil Court Mediator.

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