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Recommended Products

Below are products I tend to recommend to clients and clinicians – products that help make your life more organized, efficient, productive, and enjoyable.
(Note: I am not endorsed by any of these products’ companies.  The product links are through the Amazon Affiliate program, so I do receive a small percentage from Amazon for each sale.)

Videos – DVD

A full 6-1/2 hour seminar, expanding on the topics covered in the book “Natural Relief for Adult ADHD”


Keep your socks together in the washer and dryer – and spend less time doing laundry!

Keep your jewelry visible and organized!  This is made out of canvas, not plastic, so less chance of it tearing!

Keep your items together when you switch from purse to purse!

Keep tabs on your phone, pet, or any other item via an app on your electronic devices!

Keep track of your activities – and stick the calendar right on your fridge, where everyone can see it! Use a different color marker for each family member.


See how much time you have left with this visual timer!

Record while you write!  Saves your notes and recordings onto your computer.  Replay your lecture by tapping on your notes.

Use with your smartpen.  Nice for left-handers – no side binding!  Uses microdots to capture your writing for upload into your computer.  Smaller size for jotting notes.

A larger size to use with your smartpen.  Perfect for taking class notes.  Microdots allow your writing to be uploaded into your computer.


Listed in ADHD in Adults (Barkley, Murphy, & Fischer, 2008) as a test of executive function impairment. Plus it’s fun.

Test your working memory with this game that involves fine motor skills.

Test your powers of deductive reasoning and working memory.

Test your short-term memory skills!

For those of us to like to jump from things (like the couch) and fly through the air – without a trip to the ER.

For those of us who eat melty popsicles, then jump from the couch and fly through the air.

Sensory and Fine-Motor

Help little and big fingers hold pencils in the ergonomically-correct way.

Keep your brain stimulated so you can sit at your desk.

Sit on one of these while at your desk – keep yourself focused and tone your core muscles.  Also great for back stretches.

When I was a child, I told my mother that when I grew up I’d live down the street from her so she could tie my shoes every day.  Here’s another option.

Clean teeth more quickly!

Weighted items can provide comfort and soothing for children with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD.

Help calm an overstimulated nervous system.  You can select the weight of the blanket by your body weight.